Homage, Solo Exhibition, November 2016 Montefiore Gallery Tel Aviv

Hava Gal-On

My work as a multidisciplinary artist is an on-going journey, enduring over four decades. As a passionate art-lover, I started experimenting with art as an autodidact in my early days, and later studied painting and drawing with several of the most prominent Israeli artists .

My artwork is diverse, as I do not dictate to a specific style. I paint using various techniques, characterized with expressive brush strokes and paint gushing straight from the tube, laid down in layers of symbolical paint, representing a specific transformation of ideas. In many of my paintings there is a repeated use of textual elements that create a fabric of ideas and ornamentations.


I enjoy unveiling new meaning from ready-made objects that I collect from personal utilities, such as suitcases, ironing board, closet mirrors, food trays, trampolines, shoes, as well as iconic items from my surroundings, such as Judaica, maps, utensils etc.  These Israeli cultural and religious items take on a whole new meaning while dressed up with new context of colour and text.

My artwork consists of 3 main categories:   

My main artwork category is oil on canvas paintings. In these artworks the dominant factors are the bright colours, the expressive paint strokes, and figurative ornaments - reflecting an optimistic point of view. Other dominant features in this body of work are the use of Hebrew text, Biblical quotes, Jewish references from the Old Testament, the Talmud, the Kabbalah, poetry and more. Texts with meaningful messages have an essential importance in my art.

Another artwork category is readymade; I use a variety of used items and thrown objects that I have been collecting over the years, and brew them into a new creation. My "Tube Works" art concept refers to Art as part of a life cycle. In these works I create monumental displays out of my used paint brushes, tubes and art materials.

The third is drawing and sketching on boxes and lids. I embraced this technique when I searched for an occupation that will keep my hands and my mind busy while I tried to quit smoking. I drew on any kind of empty box, lid, package made of cardboard mostly with coloured marker pens or applied a mixed technique. The outcome was hundreds of small to mid-size boxes and lids, sketching a display of my inner self and reflections of my surrounding. These works have been titled by curators as "The Box Projects".


1985-1986   Drawing, Rachel Shavit, Hamidrasha Leomanut,

Ramat HaSharon

1986-1990   Painting, Jacob Mishori, Tel Aviv Museum of Art-

Dubnov, Tel Aviv

1991-1994   Jacob Mishori's Atelier